Vapor steam cleaners are technologically advanced steam cleaning machines.  Our machine emits a high temperature, dry vapor steam containing 5% water, temperatures up to 320 ºF, and pressure up to 89 psi, for high performance steam cleaning. Vapor steam cleaning not only cleans better and more effectively than traditional manual cleaning methods, but also sanitizes and helps kill most allergens, bacteria, germs, viruses, mold, and many other substances. 

Our machine is equipped with Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization (ATIS) technology.  ATIS is ISO Certified, Patent Pending, EPA Registered, ANTI-BACTERIAL /ANTI-MICROBIAL steam cleaning technology proven by a nationally accredited and recognized testing laboratory to kill 99.99% of disease-causing bacteria and mold. “Let us vaporize you!”

Cleaning and sanitizing services offered:

Tile and Grout
Mattress and Pillows
Leather Cleaning and Conditioning
Carpet Spot Cleaning
Sports and Exercise Equipment
Blinds, Curtains, and Draperies
Kitchen Cabinets, Floors, and Countertops
Bathroom Sinks, Toilets, Tile, Shower Doors and Tracks
Chewing Gum Removal
Pressure Washing
Auto Detailing
Vacant Property Cleaning
Rental Housing Cleaning and Sanitizing

Vapor steam cleaning kills dust mites, mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, fleas, flea eggs, and other allergens, without the use of chemicals!  Very little water is used, therefore there’s no lengthy drying time or musty smell from trapped moisture.
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Your Best Cleaning Ever, or Your Money Back!

Vapor Squad provides a green cleaning service to both residential and commercial clients.    We are committed to providing your home or business with top quality sanitizing and cleaning while doing our part to protect our environment.  We want you to feel good about the cleanliness of your home and about choosing an environmentally responsible company.  Because we do not use chemicals, our service is perfect for those with chemical allergies or sensitivities.  We can improve the freshness of the air in your house by removing the ill effects of chemicals and chemical residue from your indoor environment.  We offer whole house sanitizing and anti-allergen control along with actual cleaning.
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Tile Grout Cleaning
Mattress Sanitizing
Window Cleaning
Headlight Restoration
Pressure Washing
Mobile Auto Detailing
Chewing Gum Removal
Vacant Property Cleaning